Positive Training For a Dog’s Healthy Lifestyle

Most pet dogs brought into families are for companionship for the owner, kids and to protect the family property. Every breed of dog has a different temperament, and characteristic that may or may not suit every family. Dog training in both obedience and behavioral are important in the development of a dog’s healthy lifestyle.

Some owners have become overwhelmed with dog training. From one of the first training methods of toilet training which may go onto house training. Crate training is another aspect if there are issues with toilet training. From there it goes onto chewing and destructive behaviour which leads to dog obedience training which can solve many of these problems through positive training.

Learning how to use a dog leash is essential for keeping your dog under control while out in public places. Using a leash will assist in obedience training and highly recommended by all dog trainers.

Understanding the power of positive training achieves a higher success rate than punishment based training. Punishment can create fear and anxiety in a dog making it harder to train, while positive reinforcement is encouraging particular behavior that has proven to be most effective.

The secret to dog training is being patient and consistent with commands. Dogs are similar to people as they have varying levels of learning capabilities, some dogs are able to gasp commands quickly while other may need a bit more encouragement and repetition.

Positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior works better than punishment. It’s the most effective tool to use when training a dog as they tend to respond quicker. Aggressive behavior may warrant a firm voice to make known that their behavior is unacceptable. Be aware of the tone of voice used and the frequency it is used as it may have the opposite effect.

Most bad habits are acquired, but easily stopped if not ignored. It’s never too early to start dog obedience training, putting 20 – 30 minutes aside each day will correct these bad habits. Choose an appropriate time during the day where the dog is in calm state and receptive to learn.

Taking a positive approach to Dog training will be an enjoyable experience for both, as it works on building the relationship between the dog and owner. Training gets easier over time and before long it will become second nature and will be done automatically. Make training fun, and the benefits will be rewarding.

Living Overwhelmed in a Full of Thoughts, Opinions and Lifestyles World

There are several thoughts, opinions, lifestyles and world views surrounding us today, with each of them trying to control our mind and lead our way of life. They are so numerous that often it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong.

How do you evaluate whether something is right or wrong. What are your standards? Your standards determine your values. Your values are your thoughts and viewpoints. They determine your life ways. Your life ways determine who you are. They can help you reach where you want to be in life or pull you a whole way back.

Right choices which always are influenced by right values and standards make you reach right destinations. However, how are you going to know which one is right and wrong in this full of thoughts, opinions and life styles world by which all the media, your peers, families, friends… telling you different standards and trying to control over your mind setups? How are you going to stand straight with all of these confusions?

One of the most successful men in history who ruled his country with justice and protected his people from their enemies for forty years asked a question.He was a classic poet of his time by whom his poems are quiet an inspiration over centuries and up to now. How can a young man keep his way pure? He answered his question himself, with full confidence, because it was exactly what led him to his success. By living according to your wordPsalm 119:9 He also added: I consider how you want me to live……I will not fail to obey your word. Psalm 119:15-16

Living in this full of information, knowledge, thoughts and opinions world, with high difficulty of choosing right from wrong, how are you going to keep your way pure? How are you going to live the right way in order to reach your goals and destinations in your life? As this successful man indicated, consider how God wants you to live. Do not fail to obey him. Live according to his standards and values. This is your precious and priceless life we are talking about here. Do not spend it living below standards. Live on what God wants you to live. It is the standard your life requires.

Not All Pet Birds Are Alike – Here”s How To Choose One That Fits Your Lifestyle

Many people think that a bird is a fun low maintenance pet that can provide you with good company. While birds are fun, intelligent companions they do require quite a bit of maintenance and care. Some birds require more maintenance than others so here’s some guidelines on bird care that might help you pick a bird that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

First of all you should be aware that all birds will need to have fresh food and water in a cage change daily. Also, birds are messy with their seeds and you’ll soon find seeds all over the floor around the cage that will need to be cleaned each day to. You can buy things to go on the cage so minimize this mess but be prepared to spend at least a half-hour cleaning up and around your birds cage each day. In addition, you want to set aside time each week to wash down the cage as it can get quite messy.

The reason most people get a bird is to obtain friend I can sit in the shoulder and entertain them. But if you want your bird to remain tame and friendly you’ll need to spend some time with it particularly at feeding time when you can choose to hand feed him and also you want to set aside time to take them out of the cage just to play.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend with a bird but still like the look of these bright little creatures you may want to think about purchasing a canary or some finches. These birds are pretty self-sufficient and won’t pine away if you don’t pay a lot of attention to them. Also, if you don’t want a loud bird that will wake up all your neighbors these have light pleasant sounding voices. Beware, however, that they’re just as messy as other birds so you will need to spend time cleaning up their cage’s.

let’s say you who do have plenty of time to spend training and playing with your pet bird but you just don’t have the room for big giant parrot. For you, the cockatiel parakeet might make the perfect pet. These birds can become very tame and can even be taught to do tricks and in some cases to talk. They are not overly loud so can be good pets for apartment dwellers.

If you want something a little bit bigger, consider midsize parrots like Conures or Senegal parrots. these birds are a bit bigger in size can be fun and entertaining pets but I must warn you they can be very loud. Conyers in particular have an ear piercing shriek that they like to emit first thing in the morning. they’re not the talkers that the larger parrots are but some breeds like Quaker parrot and Nanday conure can talk pretty good.

If you do a lot of time and you want a bird that will talk extensively than you want to choose one of the larger parrots like an African gray or maybe even a macaw. The larger parrots theirs is just as smart as a toddler and will probably require almost as much attention. You need to make sure that you keep your bird from getting bored or providing him with interesting toys that you change out every once in awhile and by interacting with them yourself. If you buy a large burden and spend time with it you’re just asking for trouble as they can be quite destructive and loud.

No matter what type of bird you choose, you want to make sure you get one that has been hand fed since it was a baby. This bird will already be quite tame and used humans and be ready to adapt to his new home and willing to learn to talk and do tricks from you. It’s a bird that is not tame or friendly may have problems and may never learn to trust you, therefore not making a good pet.

It can be exciting to adopt a pet bird but you need to make sure that you make this decision carefully. Buying a bird that you do not have the time for will be a disappointment for both you and the bird and will not work out in the long run. Before you make your purchase, be sure that you will commit to caring for your new feathered friend and you will find that you have a wonderful companion.