A Natural Way to Speed Up Slow Growing Hair – Hair Growth Oil

After being unsatisfied for many years with my hair, I decided to cut it all off and start over. Surprisingly, this was not my first time chopping off all my strands. But this was the first time that I would do it and seek an all natural approach. This route so far has been successful, but what I really wanted to find and implement into my regimen was some hair growth oil.

Can I Do this Naturally?
I went on a mad woman quest. I searched forum after forum and viewed various products and their reviews. One thing was confirmed. There was a such thing as a natural way to grow hair. After surfing through many sites. I found a natural product that I thought could work, and it was indeed a hair growth oil.

Is this the Right Product?
I checked out the ingredients to make sure they were all natural. They were. I was getting very excited. I then checked out the reviews. They were all positive. I was even more excited. Lastly, I looked at the price, and saw it was less than 10 bucks. The peak of my excitement was here.

After purchasing the product, I began using it and was simply in awe of what my hair was doing. My family and friends immediately began to notice too. It was literally like a miracle. I woke up one morning and was actually a little spooked by the results. Of course in a good way though.

Hair Speaks Volumes

Hey all you people out there. Winters are here, so what’s your fashion statement this season and for the coming year? Let me be your guide to the coolest hairstyles for the upcoming season and beyond that are here to stay but hey, only ladies read on.Hair is extremely pertinent in making a style statement today as it can literally make one look like a star rather than a just another in the crowd. What with places like Nalini and Yasmin, B:blunt, Juice that not only provide the service but are also institutes of hairstyling, personal grooming and lots more. The city is witnessing the uprising of a billion dollar industry obviously it’s us who pay for the billions anything between Rs.500-900 and above for a haircut depending upon the style and the stylist. Hey, but you’re worth it! Holding such an important place in our grooming, it is vitally important to know what’s in and what’s out. Listed below are four of the hottest and sexiest styles that experts are predicting will rule through 2007 and beyond.

The business cut:

This look is popular with women who want it simple and all-business, yet elegant. Its popularity is due to the fact that it takes little effort to stay in place and is really easy to manage, be the length long or short. Secure your hair into a neat ponytail or a bun for that smart-n-slick look. With women making it big in the corporate world, this hairstyle gives a sexy edge to the serious CEOs. In short it’s smart, sexy, chic and practical. Now can you get a better combo than that? You can see it on Hillary Clinton, and the first lady, Mrs. Bush and if that’s heavy weight for you, checkout Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and others sporting the practical and sexy look.

The Shaggy Look:

By far the most popular look this season, it’s definitely here to stay. This is for shoulder length to medium length hair that is styled to look messy, punky and sexy at the same time with lots ‘n’ lots of uneven layers and steps. It often combines cut-styles like layers, razor, and spikes to produce a fabulous outcome that gives you this just-out-of-bed look that is oh so hot this season.

However the secret to this is to not wash the hair too often as it will dry it out and make it lose its natural shape. With this hairstyle your hair should be well nourished and conditioned for the layers to fall well and get the desired look every time you wash your hair. Expert advice is to use lots of conditioners, leave-in serums for best results. Depending on your adventure quotient, use gels and mousse to get it messier and funkier. But if that’s not your cup of tea then just wash &, condition well, apply some serum when semi dry and forget about it. No combing, no brushing. Better still do this at night and when you wakeup, voila! The perfect out-of-bed look that’s absolute no fuss and yet an absolute head turner. For added funk go for crazy streaking in shades like chilli red, flame red, pink, carrot orange, violet, purple…the palette is all yours to choose from. And bet on it, it’ll turn more heads than miss goody two shoes.

Long, sexy waves: Go Shakira!

This is for the less daring ladies, who prefer to keep it subtle, sweet and sexy. For one thing, after ruling the roost for so long finally perms have bade farewell to us n made way for long, loose waves that is just the in-thing for those lucky damsels with long tresses. To get this look, just wash your hair with a herbal shampoo and let the water drip off and soak lightly and let it dry naturally without combing. When it dries it would give you this scrunched look, then spray some mousse and scrunch it up with your hands and there you are all set to rock the party. As a personal touch try using dainty hair pins for that funky, ornate look. So go ahead try it out add in your touch and transform into a new you.

The Side Part:

Classic and trendy, the diagonal bang is high fashion style and oh so in!!! It will take a sexy, rock or punk variation giving your hairstyle a really glamorous touch. This style will remain popular, with the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Meg Ryan and others sporting it with much poise. Now here’s my final piece of advice, keep your personality and lifestyle in mind while choosing the look, be free with your hairstylist, let him or her know exactly what you are looking for, avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible and last but not the least – carry it with confidence, and you would definitely make heads turn. So what are you dudettes waiting for? Create your own style and carry it with confidence and poise!

How to Cut the Hair of People With Rounded or Oval-Shaped Faces

It has been said that the hair is the crowning glory. It also contributes a lot to the beauty of a woman, which is why we need to take extra care when it comes to our hair. Aside from taking care of it, did you know that there are also other factors that should be considered when taking care of your hair? This article will be discussing the things that women with oval and round faces should consider when dealing with their hair.

Women who have oval-shaped face should always avoid cuts that will add length to their faces. It’s not that hard maintain good looks if you have an oval-shaped face. In fact, you can use almost any cut that you want; long or short; wavy or straight; as long as it does not add up to the length of your face. Oval-shaped face is said to be one of the easiest shapes to deal with, because you don’t have to consider a lot of things. All you need to remember is to avoid cuts that will make your face look longer.

Compared to oval-shaped faces, people with rounded face should put more attention to their hair. Women don’t want to look chubby and you need to cut your hair appropriately if you want to look gorgeous. You can try layered cuts because it will cover the roundness of your face, giving you a slimmer looking chin and cheeks. You should also avoid short hair, because it will further exhibit your rounded face.

Always keep in mind that your hair contributes a lot to your appearance, and as a woman, you need to know the different things that will further enhance your looks. The way you cut your hair should depend on the shape of your face, and not based on what fashion states. You should never cut your hair the way your friends cut their hair, unless your faces are of the same shape.