Positive Training For a Dog’s Healthy Lifestyle

Most pet dogs brought into families are for companionship for the owner, kids and to protect the family property. Every breed of dog has a different temperament, and characteristic that may or may not suit every family. Dog training in both obedience and behavioral are important in the development of a dog’s healthy lifestyle.

Some owners have become overwhelmed with dog training. From one of the first training methods of toilet training which may go onto house training. Crate training is another aspect if there are issues with toilet training. From there it goes onto chewing and destructive behaviour which leads to dog obedience training which can solve many of these problems through positive training.

Learning how to use a dog leash is essential for keeping your dog under control while out in public places. Using a leash will assist in obedience training and highly recommended by all dog trainers.

Understanding the power of positive training achieves a higher success rate than punishment based training. Punishment can create fear and anxiety in a dog making it harder to train, while positive reinforcement is encouraging particular behavior that has proven to be most effective.

The secret to dog training is being patient and consistent with commands. Dogs are similar to people as they have varying levels of learning capabilities, some dogs are able to gasp commands quickly while other may need a bit more encouragement and repetition.

Positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior works better than punishment. It’s the most effective tool to use when training a dog as they tend to respond quicker. Aggressive behavior may warrant a firm voice to make known that their behavior is unacceptable. Be aware of the tone of voice used and the frequency it is used as it may have the opposite effect.

Most bad habits are acquired, but easily stopped if not ignored. It’s never too early to start dog obedience training, putting 20 – 30 minutes aside each day will correct these bad habits. Choose an appropriate time during the day where the dog is in calm state and receptive to learn.

Taking a positive approach to Dog training will be an enjoyable experience for both, as it works on building the relationship between the dog and owner. Training gets easier over time and before long it will become second nature and will be done automatically. Make training fun, and the benefits will be rewarding.